Bevel 90 degree / right angle screwdriver for motorcycles

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Bevel 90 degree motorcycle carburetor pilot adjustment tool. Comes in a handy storage box.

The Bevel 90 degree / right angle screwdriver for motorcycle air and mixture screws

The Bevel 90 degree adjustment tool is the solution for easily adjusting the mixture adjustment screws on a carburettor. Makes a pilot screw adjustment on the bottom of a carburettor very easy!

The Bevel 90 is a professional quality tool for an acceptable price. Perfect for those who cannot reach the stationary mixture screws at a great price from an original OEM adjustment tool. It saves a lot of extra work when adjusting, tank and often the fairing does not have to be disassembled.


  • High-quality bevel gearbox drive with zero free play provides precise adjustment.
  • Standard slotted screwdrivers for very inaccessible screws.
  • Angle of 90 degrees and a length of 480 mm
  • Only 32 mm of clearance required.
  • Seven extra bits (5 x slot, 2 x star) fit on the additional right angle head drive.
  • Slots with different lengths and Phillips screws for more or less access to the mixture control screws.
  • The handle on the side fits any position on the shaft and can be turned at an angle to allow the screwdriver to rest easily.
  • Handy plastic storage box

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